Watch: Seth Meyers Gets Hammered Drinking with Rihanna; Butchers “Work”

     June 21, 2019

Fans of Late Night with Seth Meyers no doubt relish the semi-frequent segment “Day Drinking with Seth,” and last night’s episode gave us a very special treat: Seth went day drinking with the one and only Rihanna. Now, if you’ve seen this segment before, you know that Seth can really drink. But Rihanna keeps up in a big way here, with Seth slamming drink after drink until the whole thing concludes with him hammered, stammering his way through the song “Work.” And it is absolutely delightful.

It’s no coincidence this segment comes just as Emmy voting is about to close, and I would urge any and all Emmy voters to take notice of the range of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Yes, the show has brilliantly pivoted into covering politics in a way that’s both smart and funny (reminiscent of Jon Stewart’s version of The Daily Show), and yes Meyers is the best late night interviewer in the game right now, but this show is also just wonderful at being flat-out silly from time to time. As evidenced by Seth Meyers violently chopping the heads off of chocolate bunnies and filling them with alcohol in this A+ segment.

So behold, Seth Meyers gets absolutely hammered drinking with Rihanna in the video below.


Image via NBC