First Look at Jeff Brigdes with Ryan Reynolds on the Set of R.I.P.D.; Plus Cool Car Set Videos

     September 13, 2011

I know that we just posted photos from the set of R.I.P.D. yesterday, but they were missing one thing you Collider readers love: Jeff Bridges.  Bridges is looking particularly ragged (though sharp in white suspenders) as a seasoned veteran of the “Rest in Peace Department” populated by undead police officers.  Bridges and Ryan Reynolds play partners in film, seen here walking the streets of Boston.  Kevin Bacon, Mary Louise-Parker, Stephanie Szostak, Marissa Miller, and James Hong also star in the comic book adaptation directed by Robert Schwentke (Red).  R.I.P.D. is scheduled for release on June 28, 2013.

Hit the jump for the set photos, plus video of car-centric shots.

Celebuzz has more of the same, if you’d like to fill in the blanks when Bridges’ left hand was here in one pic and slightly higher in the next.  Click here for all our R.I.P.D. coverage.

The first is the cooler of the two videos, if only because there’s a hint of action.

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