July 19, 2011


New clips have gone online for Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Conan the Barbarian.  The Planet of the Apes clip does a fantastic job of highlighting the incredible detail in the facial animation for Caesar (played via motion capture by Andy Serkis).  We’ve seen glimpses of that detail before in trailers, but watching how the character’s expressions change over the course of a scene is really amazing stuff.  Also, having Caesar build a model Statue of Liberty is a nice touch.

As for the Conan clip, we see Lil’ Conan show he’s the baddest ass of all the young barbarians even though he’s shorter and doesn’t have a stylish white fur coat.  The Conan clip is red-band for the crazy violence, but you’ll watch it because it has a 12-year-old kid smashing apart a guy’s kneecaps.  Hit the jump for the clips.  Rise of the Planet of the Apes opens August 5th.  Conan the Barbarian opens in 3D on August 19th.

Click over to Yahoo! Movies to see the clip in HD.

Here’s the official synopsis for Rise of the Planet of the Apes:

A single act of both compassion and arrogance leads to a war unlike any other — and to the RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. The Oscar-winning visual effects team that brought to life the worlds of Avatar and Lord of the Rings is breaking new ground, creating a CGI ape that delivers a dramatic performance of unprecedented emotion and intelligence, and epic battles on which rest the upended destinies of man and primate.

Clip via Lionsgate.

Here’s the official synopsis for Conan the Barbarian:

A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of Hyboria from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil.


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