The ‘Riverdale’ Cast Tease the Midseason Finale and What’s Coming Next

     December 11, 2018

riverdale-season-3-episode-8-sliceThe CW teen noir hit Riverdale has reached the mid-season finale, with many juicy revelations ahead. During a recent set visit in Vancouver, the cast talks about the reunion of Jughead with his mom Gladys and sis Jellybean, Hiram’s upcoming racy relationship, and what the future holds for Archie, who is presently a fugitive on the run. First up, Cole Sprouse (Jughead Jones) and Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones) dish on their upcoming family drama. Potential minor spoilers below.

QUESTION: Can you talk about what we can expect from your Mom and Jellybean’s visit?

COLE SPROUSE: So, you guys want me to spoil something about Jellybean and Gladys, is that what it is?

QUESTION: What was it like working with those actresses?

SPROUSE: It’s great. I think for me it’s nice to have a little more background on Jughead’s character, right? And his family life, and a lore that has sort of been hinted at since Season 1 really, kind of loose ends that, without saying too much, do you get addressed and do get talked about.


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QUESTION: What are FP’s feelings when Jughead’s mother returns? What does that mean for him? Should he be worried?

SKEET ULRICH: Yeah, for sure. I think there’s a lot to be worried about. You know, he’s started to get life by the horns a little bit and find a workable a life with Jughead and their situation, and she’s the x-factor. As in most toxic relationships, you know, there’s someone that just sets you off. So, I’m curious to see what happens going down the line. The reunion is certainly not how he would have wanted it or not what he would’ve wanted, but I think she is just, just like he was in the first season, just such a wild card. You just don’t know what’s coming in. And I worked with Gina (Gershon) a long time ago. We did a Paul Schrader movie together called Touch and haven’t seen each other since so, it’s great to work with her again. She’s really brings something so unique and interesting to the role.

Next up are Mark Consuelos (Hiram Lodge) and Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge) on their shifting dynamic when a mistress crashes the party.

QUESTION: Can you kind of preview your character getting a mistress? How’s that dynamic? And what’s it like working with (real-life wife) Kelly (Ripa)?

MARK CONSUELOS: Oh man, you know, yes, I’m very excited about that. She said, “Are you sure? You should have a really young?” I’m like, no, you’re perfect. But she was joking. No, I’m really excited about her coming on the show. She’s great. She’s always great to work with. We’ve, you know, it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a chance to work together, but I’m looking forward to it.


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QUESTION: What was your own personal reaction when you heard that Hiram is getting a mistress on the show?

MARISOL NICHOLS: I don’t want to reveal too much, but it’s, um, how can I say this? Not surprising, and they have a very interesting relationship and, how can I say this without revealing anything, it’s going to be fun. It’s not going to be as shocking as you might think for Hermione.

QUESTION: Will that change how she feels about what has happened and maybe what will happen in the future with Fred (Archie’s Dad)?

NICHOLS: That’s a really good question because I loved Fred. I mean, I loved that relationship. I think that you know, it’s not lost on her mind that he has a girlfriend per se, but we also haven’t seen them. I mean, they’re in a loveless marriage. They’re obviously in a business relationship kind of marriage. So, I think that it works in her convenience if he does that for future possible relationships, you know?

And finally, series star KJ Apa (Archie Andrews) previews Archie’s time on the run from Hiram.

QUESTION: When he’s out on this journey, does he have a plan, or is he just meandering around?

KJ APA: He’s pretty much meandering, actually. Yeah, because he’s kind of trying to be undercover and not be seen by people. I think that’s frustrating for Archie. I think he’s angry at the world for him being in this position.

QUESTION: As much as he’s angry at the world, does he ever look back on the choices he’s made, to the role he himself has played and where he’s ended up? Because as much as obviously, Hiram has done a lot of terrible things to Archie, Archie has also sort of put himself into that situation.


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APA: Exactly. Which is what I was saying about him kind of digging his own grave, is that he can’t blame anyone else really but himself. And that really kind of makes his relationship with Veronica that much more complicated and more interesting, because in a way you’d think that he’d want to blame her. Like, why is your dad such a such an asshole? But we don’t really see that because she thinks the same way about her father.

COLLIDER: Do you see Archie as a heroic figure or a tragic figure, or a mixture of both?

APA: A mixture of both. I think Archie, he has his moments. He’s a meathead with a heart of gold. That’s how I describe it. He’s got the best intentions and he’s filled with so much love, and he’s really pure-hearted and I think he, he just wants to help people, but he doesn’t really think of the whole picture, which is why it’s lucky got friends like Jughead.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays on the CW.