Rob Corddry Exclusive Interview WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS

     May 9, 2008

Opening today is the latest Hollywood romantic comedy “What Happens in Vegas.” The film stars Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz as two people who meet in Las Vegas and after a night of debauchery, end up married the next morning. When they come to and realize what’s happened, they agree to go their separate ways until one of them pulls a 3 million dollar jackpot on a slot machine. Since they were married at the time and even though they just want to split the money, the court forces the two to live together for 6 months to try and make their marriage work. During their time together, each of them has friends trying to make the other person look bad. For Ashton it’s Rob Corddry and for Cameron it’s Lake Bell.

While the movie is your typical romantic comedy and you know how it’ll play out, I’ll say Rob is very funny as Ashton’s best friend and he gets a lot of laughs whenever he’s on screen.

But if you’re a fan of Rob from his work on “The Daily Show” or any of his supporting parts in both movies and TV…this really shouldn’t be a surprise. Rob has great comic timing and he’s able to make the most of his time in “What Happens in Vegas.”

Anyway, I recently sat down with him and had an exclusive interview to promote not only this movie, but his recent work in “Harold and Kumar 2.” During our time talking Rob had a lot of funny stuff to say and he even told me why you’ll never see his penis on screen even though it’s the new thing in Hollywood.

And as I said when I posted the movie clips for “What Happens in Vegas” (click to watch them), if you’re girlfriend or wife has wanted to get you to see a romantic comedy for awhile now, this is the one to bite the bullet on.

And with that…here’s Rob.

Collider: So are you the type of person that misses Dunkin’ Donuts? (he’s from New England)

Rob Corddry: No.

Collider: So you’re not a coffee drinker?

Rob Corddry: Oh, I’m a huge coffee drinker. I don’t believe Dunkin’ Donuts has good coffee.

Collider: Really?

Rob Corddry: Dunkin’ Donuts coffee tastes like coffee-flavored coffee.

Collider: Interesting. I have a sentimental…

Rob: And you can print that!

Collider: Oh, and I’m going to. I have a few quick questions…are you ready?

Rob: Yup.

Collider: When did you decide to finally start sleeping around for parts and is it true that it helps?

Rob: Uh, it depends on how good you are at it, so no it did not help.

Collider: Okay. Did you base your character in “Harold and Kumar” on Jack Bauer, and did you do research?

Rob: I did research and I based it on Tommy Lee Jones in the “Fugitive”.

Collider: Really?

Rob: Yeah.

Collider: Did you study the movie? Were you just like…

Rob: Yeah, yeah. I don’t have to study the movie. It’s practically memorized.

Collider: So I mean–jumping off my questions for a second—so this weekend you have “Harold and Kumar” and pretty soon you have this.

Rob: 2 weeks, yeah.

Collider: Yeah, so I mean what’s that like for you actually to have 2 pretty big movies.

Rob: I guess it hasn’t really…I haven’t really processed it. I don’t know. Ask me after the 2nd one comes out.

Collider: Okay.

Rob: Right now it’s pretty much normal and it’s just regular…I’m moving into a new house so that’s kind of consuming me right now, it’s so funny…I was in a movie with Ben Stiller called “Heartbreak Kid” and that came out when I was shooting this movie with Ashton and Ashton said on Friday morning as I was leaving to come back to L.A. to do the junket for “What Happens in Vegas,” he said…oh, after…for the opening. I was coming here for the opening. He goes, “After this weekend, your whole life is going to change”. So, come Monday morning the movie did not do as well as everybody thought it was going to do and so Ashton said, “Hey do you remember when I said that your life was going to change? Well, that changed.”

Collider: Yeah, but you know the movie might not have done as well as everybody had hoped but you seem – over the last 3 years – to really have been working non-stop and you seem to really be landing part after part. So, that has to be different than when you first got into the business.

Rob: Oh yeah, absolutely. When I first got into the business though I was like trying to get you know roles in crappy Shakespeare plays below 14th Street in New York, so yeah it’s a far cry from that for sure, but it’s still a hustle. You know, it seems like I’m in everything right now because that’s the way it’s worked out and I hope I’m not going to wear out my welcome so fast, but that being said, I haven’t worked a day since Thanksgiving.

Collider: Oh so you’re on a little hiatus kind of thing.

Rob: We’ll call it a hiatus.

Collider: I understand.

Rob: The strike was not good to any of us.

Collider: Yeah, I’ve heard that from other people.

Rob: It threw some stuff off.

Collider: When I was thinking about when I was looking over the always accurate IMDB, I was thinking you’re one of the people that have been working non-stop but for some reason haven’t made the jump to the Judd Apatow team. When is this going to happen?

Rob: I know, right? How about throwing the kid a bone?

Collider: I mean, I’m thinking about this. I’m like when are you going to connect with that little…I mean do you have to use the sleeping powers on Judd? Do you think he’ll succumb to that?

Rob: I actually have a pitch for Nicky Weinstock, who is his producing partner, and we’re going to pitch him an idea within the coming month.

Collider: That’s actually really good. I hope that works out.

Rob: It’s a terrible idea but it’s like I’ve got to pitch him something. No, it’s very funny. I’m writing it out right now and beating it out with a friend of mine.

Collider: That would be great. I’d love to see you make that connection. He has a lot of pull right now. He for some reason can get movies made.

Rob: Yeah, the name Judd has become an adjective.

Collider: Exactly. So let’s ask you…so Fox doesn’t get mad at me, let’s ask a “What Happens in Vegas” question.

Rob: If we must.

Collider: Yeah, exactly. Let’s cover this movie. So what was the experience like being in this romantic comedy—this kind of thing?

Rob: That’s your one question about this….

Collider: No, no, no, I have a better question. My real question is when they bring you on, how much do they want you to be you and bring yourself into the script and add the one-liners? Do they say to you “we want you to spice it up”? How does it work?

Rob: Well, it’s a very…this movie in particular was a very collaborative process and once we felt like…once the director felt like he got what he wanted, he would let us play until the sun went down. I’ve done 4…5 movies now with Michael Agular, one of the executive producers on this, and he and I have a…we share a similar sensibility and so half of my improvisations—at least half of my improvisations—either come directly from Michael Agular or are inspired by something he says or does.

Collider: I was on the set of the Will Farrell “Step Brothers” movie, and I listened or watched as Adam McKay would scream lines at Will, “Will, say this!” you know, again and again. So was it something kind of similar to that?

Rob: No. Michael would sneak up to me between takes with the silliest, most childish grin on his face, because he knew he had Rob Corddry gold.

Collider: That’s good. So are you going to bring him with you to sets that he’s not involved with?

Rob: He’s here today.

Collider: Oh, is he?

Rob: He’s literally feeding me lines this morning.

Collider: So wait, do you have an earpiece?

Rob: He’s my muse. I wish. I wish.

Collider: That would actually be very funny.

Rob: He’s my puppet master.

Collider: But that’s actually good if you have someone who knows you and knows what you’d be…so I have a question for you about nudity—male nudity that’s coming up in movies—in this movie…

Rob: Interesting segue.

Collider: I’m going to go right into it. This is the way my brain works. You show a little skin in the movie, you don’t go full force.

Rob: You’re welcome!

Collider: Okay, my question is what’s up recently with the amount of male nudity that’s being shown in movies?

Rob: It’s really scary. I’m a grower, not a show-er, so I’m not going to do that. I’ll show my other things. I’ll show my stuff, I won’t show my junk. No way.

Collider: No cash and prizes.

Rob: No way Jose.

Collider: Okay, but I’ve been seeing it like “Walk Hard” and…it’s just been an interesting transition.

Rob: That being said, there’s nothing funnier than full-frontal male nudity. I’m a big fan of the trend, but I’m not jumping on-board.

Collider: Okay.

Rob: You will not…no one will ever see my penis. I guarantee you that.

Collider: Would you sell out like Halle Berry?

Rob: I have a very normal sized penis but I have a tiny scrotum, but at least a very tight scrotum. So it looks very awkward I think.

Collider: I’m going to say that might be T.M.I. but your fans will be….this is comedy…they’re going to be very excited. So here’s a few quick questions that just to jump in. These are going to be quick ones. The rumor is that you’re going to be replacing Matt Damon in the next “Bourne” movie. True or not true?

Rob: Um, God I wish it were true. I would love to do a comedy version of the “Bourne” films. And I’m actually like….nah.

Collider: You’re right on the verge.

Rob: Yeah, but I think that is so…I’d love to play a character…a comic version of that spy character who kicks ass. No one kicks ass like Matt Damon.

Collider: Yeah, he’s unbelievable in those movies.

Rob: In the “Bourne” movies.

Collider: That’s actually very true.

Rob: They actually made their…they’ve devised a new martial art called Damon.

Collider: What is the best film you’ve never starred in?

Rob: Almost all of them say for maybe five. I’ve never starred in a movie so the best movie I’ve never starred in? And when you said quick one, you meant me?

Collider: We can move on to…if you want to think about it.

Rob: Nah, I don’t have anything left to come off the top of my head.

Collider: What is your favorite album of 1994?

Rob: I’m just going to guess here…“Disposable Arts” by Masta Ace.

Collider: Ooh, look at that.

Rob: It might not be ’94. I think it might be ’98-’99.

Collider: Since I’m running out of time, I’m going to actually ask you—you’re playing Ari Fleischer.

Rob: Yes.

Collider: Did you ever think you were going to be Ari Fleischer in an Oliver Stone film.

Rob: Yes.

Collider: Really? When did it first occur to you?

Rob: First or second grade.

Collider: Okay. I could see that.

Rob: Yeah, just some people…some people are born with an awareness of their destiny and I knew even before I was aware of who he was that I would play Ari Fleischer some day.

Collider: Okay. Did you–being serious for a second—career wise, it’s actually a great maneuver because you’re going to be showing…this is obviously not being played for laughs…this is being played seriously. How are you preparing for that vs. I mean is it more…is it changing your preparation? How is that for you?

Rob: No, it’s not going to change my preparation at all. None of my characters in these comedies know that they’re in a comedy.

Collider: That’s true.

Rob: So you approach it the exact same way. I just imagine there won’t be as much room for improv or showing my cock.

Collider: That’s actually probably true. Finally, what else do you have coming up besides that?

Rob: I’ve had 2 small movies coming out sometime in the near future. One called “Patriotville” with Justin Long and one called “Lower Learning”. Two very small, independent, very funny films.

Collider: How is Justin to work with? He’s a nice guy.

Rob: He has a star’s body. He’s a very nice guy. Very funny. Ridiculously funny.

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