Rob Liefeld on Major X and How It Connects Everything He’s Ever Done at Marvel

     April 3, 2019

A few days ago at WonderCon, I sat down with Rob Liefeld for an extended video interview for his new comic series “Major X”; the first issue is now on sale. During the wide-ranging conversation, Liefeld talked about how “Major X” happened, if the storyline changed at all since he came up with the idea for the character back in 1992, if he had to be beholden to anything at Marvel when writing the series, what the series is about, how he connected dots from everything he’s ever done at Marvel since he worked on “New Mutants” and “X-Force,” and so much more about the six-issue run. In addition, we talked about the popularity of “slabbing” comic books, where he keeps his massive comic book collection, why he doesn’t sell his original artwork, why he pays Neal Adams at every convention to sign books and do sketches, why the Marvel brand is the brand, why he loved the Aquaman movie, and so much more.

major-x-rob-liefeldIf you’re not familiar with “Major X,” the six-part event mini-series, shipping twice a month from April to June, is scripted and drawn by Liefeld with additional art from Whilce Portacio and Brent Peebles. The series introduces never-before-seen conflicts and a whole new world of characters alongside characters like Cable and Wolverine.

Check out what Rob Liefeld had to say in the player above and below is a list of exactly what we talked about.

Finally, if you’re planning on picking up a copy of “Major X,” Marvel sold out of the first issue, so you might want to visit a comic book store soon to get a copy at retail price.

Rob Liefeld:

  • How he came up with Major X in 1992.
  • Is the character and story the same he came up with back in ’92?
  • Shares some of his original ideas from years ago.
  • How he asked Marvel in 2006 to do Major X but they didn’t want to explains how it came about now.
  • How much is he thinking about the timelines and being beholden to what’s come before when doing the Major X storyline?
  • How he connected dots from everything he’s ever done at Marvel since he worked on New Mutants and X-Force.
  • Talks about the world of Major X and how he enters the timeline of the early Liefeld run on New Mutants and X-Force.
  • major-x-rob-liefeldWhere is he in Major X creation process?
  • How he keeps all his artwork and what he wanted to do with some of it.
  • His thoughts on the all the people slabbing their comic books and getting them professionally graded.
  • Does he own any 9.9 or 10 graded comic books?
  • Does he sell graded comics on his site?
  • How he makes exclusive covers that are only sold on his website.
  • How large is his comic book collection and did he grade any?
  • Why he pays Neal Adams at every convention to sign books and do sketches.
  • What comic books does he regret not buying more of when they were first released?
  • Why he’s leaving his collection to his family.
  • Has he been given an annual passport to Disneyland yet?
  • Why the Marvel brand is “the” brand.
  • Why does he think the superhero genre the most popular genre on the planet?
  • Why he loved the Aquaman
  • How Major X sold out it’s initial run and they’re making a 2nd printing.

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