‘Super Troopers 2’: Rob Lowe on How the Sequel Compares to the Original

     April 20, 2018


It was a busy day on the Super Troopers 2 set back in 2016, as a whole host of extras prepared to fill out a party scene that was set to begin shooting. But amongst all the frenzy, it was nearly impossible not to notice one thing: Rob Lowe’s hair. Voluminous and layered, it was the kind of style that might only have worked circa the late ’90s, a flagrantly dated choice that told me almost everything I needed to know about Lowe’s curious new character Guy LeFranc, a Canadian mountie who, through a series of requisite hijinks, is thrown into the mix with former Vermont highway patrol officers Thorny (Jay Chandrasekhar), Mac (Steve Lemme), Farva (Kevin Hefernan), Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske), and Foster (Paul Soter) when the border between Vermont and Canada is disputed.

Alas, it was Lowe’s last day on set (despite having only been around for a scant ten days), but he was freely honest about not being quite ready to go. “I could shoot this movie every day for the rest of my life and I would be happy,” he confided. Luckily, before he had to return to set for more Canadian mountie chicanery, Lowe had a chance to sit down with Collider to give us the skinny on Broken Lizard’s little project that could. During the interview, he spoke about how he found his way to the film, how much the cast improvised on set, the distinct experience of working on a crowd-funded movie and revealed just how different the sequel is from the beloved cult original.

Check out the full interview below. Super Troopers 2 is now in theaters.

How did you get connected to this project?

LOWE: Jay directed four episode of The Grinder last year and that’s how we met. And I loved that show and I loved him. And when it was over, we were both so bummed, we loved working with each other so much. And he said, I’m writing something in Super Troopers 2 for you. And I said, “I don’t care what it is, I’m doing it.” So that’s how we ended up doing that.


Image via Fox Searchlight

Tell me about this new character, I’ve got to know if he’s got a French accent.

LOWE: He’s like a mid-Canada guy who sort of ended up – he’s not a Quebecois, a French Canadian. He’s not. He played in Halifax, and his nickname was the Halifax Explosion.

Do we get to see your on-ice skills at all?

LOWE: I don’t think you do in this one, maybe if we do Super Troopers 3.

This hair is certainly a look, talk to me about arriving at this bitchin’ ‘90s look.

LOWE: I wanted a very dated hairstyle that might have been cool ten or fifteen years ago. And I’m also in the middle of shooting my new show Code Black and I have buzzed blonde hair. It’s perfect for that character, but would have been totally inappropriate for this one. So it sort of forced me into a wig, and then the question was what wig. So a little bit of Barry Melrose, it just felt very perfect for a small-town Canadian former hockey player.

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