Rob McElhenney, Glen Howerton and Charlie Day Exclusive Video Interview – IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA

     August 2, 2008

Written by David Lane

As all of you know, Mr. Collider himself, Steven “Frosty” Weintraub suffered a shocking head injury after the back of Hall H collapsed at Comic Con. Because of this horrible event, Frosty enlisted the help of others in his quest for interview excellence. The following interview is an example of this situation.

In case you live under a retarded rock, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” details the misadventures of three n’er do wells and a self-absorbed lass. It has been described as “Seinfeld on crack.” But most simply call it “the shit.” This possibly hilarious, depending on your lack of morals, interview is a little rough around the edges, as kids these days would say, but it’s worth your while.

The three men featured in the interview are the lead stars and writers of the show, Rob McElhenney, Glen Howerton, and Charlie Day. In order to get a running gag that occurs, you need to realize that the mic they’re using can shut off easily if you bump the button, and the three men were warned of this problem prior to the interview. And if you enjoyed this interview, check out the show when it returns in September on FX.

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