‘True Detective’ Creator Teaming With Robert Downey Jr. for ‘Perry Mason’ on HBO

     August 15, 2016


Since the lackluster conclusion of True Detective season 2, undoing a lot of the good work the first run did in the minds of fans, it’s unclear if the trippy crime drama will ever return. Though, HBO claims to be motivated. In the meantime, the series’ creator, Nic Pizzolatto is eyeing his next big project at the network with another high-profile name, Robert Downey Jr.


Image via Marvel Studios

The Marvel star, who’ll return to the MCU with 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, is in discussions to team with Pizzolatto for a new drama. Is it True Detective season 3? That’s a no. Back in 2011, Downey was linked to a feature film adaptation of Perry Mason, a courtroom drama series in which the titular defense attorney would privately investigate crimes for his clients. According to Variety, this project is what’s now brewing as an HBO original series after previously been at Warner Bros.

Pizzolatto is writing the treatment, while Downey will star, marking his first TV role since his days on Ally McBeal. The actor was once predominantly occupied with his Marvel duties in the early beginnings of the cinematic universe, but his role has since been reduced quite a bit to make way for newer characters — giving Downey more time for other projects. Pizzolatto, meanwhile, has an overall deal with HBO that lasts until 2018, so this will keep him busy while the powers that be decide if True Detective is worth revisiting.

With TV becoming more aligned (and, in some cases, surpassing) movies in terms of quality, it’s become a common occurrence for big-name stars to make the jump to the small screen, something HBO has never truly had an issue with. When Pizzolatto first launched True Detective, he brought with him Matthew McConaughey (at the time garnering buzz for his soon-to-be Oscar win) and Woody Harrelson (a major figure in the Hunger Games franchise). We’ll see what the writer does now with one of the biggest names in Hollywood.


Image via Marvel


Image via Marvel

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