Robert Downey Jr. Video Interview – ShoWest 2008

     March 15, 2008

If you haven’t yet noticed how many people I interviewed this past week, tonight’s explosion of content will probably clue you into the fact that I’ve been busy.

The reason for all these interviewsis I just got back from ShoWest in Las Vegas and while I was there I spoke with a ton of people on the red carpet and I also interviewed a few people before the big awards night dinner on Thursday night. The interview with Robert Downey Jr. is one of those.

The problem with the media room that this interview took place in was…the stage was far away (hence the sometimes shaky camera) and the speaker system sucked. So what I’ve tried to do is compensate by boosting the volume while editing.

The great thing about this interview is I managed to get a few questions in. I was the one who asks about the mocumentary for “Tropic Thunder” and I also asked the final question about doing an “Iron Man” sequel.

The best part – at least for me – was when Robert turned the table and started asking me questions. It takes place about half way through and it’s when I start asking about “Tropic Thunder” stuff.

Finally, since I’ve posted a ton of other video interviews that you may have missed, here are some links – Emile Hirsch, Christian Bale, America Ferrara and Get Smart Director Peter Segal, Producer Joel Silver and Seth Rogen.

Oh…and enjoy the new “Iron Man” image below the interview….

Robert Downey Jr.

  • What was wearing the suit like
  • Talks about how comic-con was the moment they thought they were all on the right track
  • He explains why Gwyneth was so important to the film
  • I ask about what it’s like to be in two of the biggest films of the summer and also if he could talk about his character in Tropic Thunder.
  • I then ask if could talk about the mocumentary they shot while they were making the real movie. He puts me on the spot.
  • Someone asks if he was a DC or Marvel guy
  • Someone else asks if he is like Tony Stark at all
  • I ask the final question – is he looking forward to doing a sequel. He says he is and thinks often times a sequel is better as you are done with the origin story.

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