Robert Luketic to Direct THE EXPENDABELLES, Plus the First Plot Details on the All-Female Actioner Emerge

     February 6, 2014


Over a year ago, we reported that the Millennium Films all-female actioner, The ExpendaBelles, landed Legally Blonde scribes Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah Lutz.  Now, it looks like the screenwriters will reunite with that film’s director, as Robert Luketic has reportedly come on board.  Although this picture was originally set up to be a women’s answer to Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables movie series, some feminist fans may not be too happy with the film’s logline.  Hit the jump for more.

robert-luketic-the-expendabellesHere’s the synopsis of The ExpendaBelles, courtesy of Deadline:

When America’s Navy SEALs are wiped out trying to penetrate the island lair of a deadly despot who has captured one of the world’s top nuclear scientists, it becomes clear that there is no such thing as the right man for the job and that this is a mission so impossible that only women can handle it. The only way in: some of the world’s deadliest female operatives must pose as high-class call-girls shipped in by private plane to satisfy a dictator–and instead save the scientist and the day.

“High-class call-girls”?  Not exactly what the feminist fans were looking for (if they were looking forward to this movie at all), but it does fall in line with similar fare like Legally Blonde and Miss Congeniality.  While I’m sure the ladies will ultimately kick all kinds of ass in the picture, it’s a shame that the writers decided to go with the lowest common denominator route of using sex as the reason for these deadly operatives’ success.  I’ll stick with The Heat 2, thank you.  Casting on The ExpendaBelles is expected to begin soon as the film is scheduled to kick off production this summer.

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