Comic-Con 2011: Robert Rodriguez Updates on MACHETE Sequels and SIN CITY 2; Announces HEAVY METAL Remake

     July 21, 2011


Director Robert Rodriguez was back in full-force at Comic-Con this week for a Hall H panel regarding all of his upcoming projects, as well as his new production company QuickDraw Studios. The director gave updates on Machete sequels, Sin City 2, Heavy Metal, a new Frank Frazetta museum in Austin, TX, and more. Hit the jump for my recap of the panel.

Rodriguez began by giving a “state-of-the-union” on his upcoming projects. He said the Machete sequels are greenlit and will be titled Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again. A trailer for the third film will be attached to Machete Kills.

The director then said that Sin City 2 is written. The film will feature three stories, just like the first one. Two of the stories will be new, and one of them is Frank Miller’s A Dame to Kill For. He said it could start filming this year, and he would like to make it 3D because he claims to have a way to use 3D that no one’s used before.

Rodriguez then announced that he had the rights to a property that he was surprised to have acquired. The lights went down and then the screen rolled a clip that unveiled the logo for Heavy Metal. The film will be QuickDraw studios’ first title. Kevin Eastman (owner, editor, and publisher of Heavy Metal magazine) then joined Rodriguez onstage. This presumably means that the David Fincher/James Cameron version of the film will not come to fruition (sadface).

Rodriguez then recounted the story of how he sent out an assignment for people to make trailer for fake movies, which resulted in the full-length feature for Hobo with a Shotgun. This lead to him explaining that his approach to Heavy Metal will be similar. He wants people to create their own versions of Heavy Metal and turn them in to The website reveals that Rodriguez is making “a large-scale media project and an animated film.” If some of the submissions are good enough, they might make it into the media project or the animated film.

Rodriguez then rolled a clip featuring a montage of artwork from Frank Frazetta, followed by Frank’s son Billy joining him onstage. The director announced that they’re opening a museum in Austin, TX that will feature original artwork from Frank Frazetta, and Rodriguez will be making it an “experience” as he wants fans to be able to feel like they’re walking into a Frazetta painting when they walk into the museum.

Rodriguez also announced that they have ten of Frazetta’s masterworks here at Comic-Con that will be available for display tomorrow, including John Carter of Mars, Neanderthal, Snow Giants, Death Dealer and more. Email and you will be told where to go to view the art at Comic-Con.

If that wasn’t enough, Rodriguez said that they have the rights to Frazetta’s “Fire and Ice” to turn it into a film. His goal is for it to look like Frank directed it himself. The announcement was followed by a reel of pre-production art for the film which looked pretty great.

All-in-all, what seemed on paper to be a fairly hum-drum panel ended up being chock-full of information. Though it remains to be seen just how many of these projects actually come to fruition.

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