Robert Rodriguez puts WOMEN IN CHAINS!

     May 28, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Just two days after HBO obtained the rights to adapt the women’s prison drama “Bad Girls,” director Robert Rodriguez is shopping his own version of Russ Myers’ favorite subject around to various networks. The proposed series called “Women in Chains!” would star Rodriguez’s fiancée Rose McGowan as one of five female inmates inside an all-female prison. The show has been shopped to FX and NBC, with no deal as yet in place.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Women in Chains!” will revisit the 1970’s exploitation genre that Rodriguez and McGowan first mined in “Planet Terror,” including prison fights and mud wrestling scenes. Rodriguez apparently first leaked the news to, though if they posted the story I sure as hell couldn’t find it.

I find it hard to believe that any major network would pick up a show like “Women in Chains!” without insisting on major rewrites. Fox is already planning an all-female version of their hit “Prison Break,” so it could be that Rodriguez and McGowan have entered the game too late to get a deal with this one – of course there’s always Starz. Aren’t they trying to get into scripted series?

I’m just happy that The Hollywood Reporter dished out some credit to our friends at AICN! I would normally include a link to The Hollywood Reporter story, but I’m linking to AintitCool instead!

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