Comic-Con 2011: ROBOT CHICKEN Panel Recap; New Episodes Spoof GREEN LANTERN, Gollum, and HALO

     July 23, 2011


Robot Chicken is an ADHD-riddled show with 15 jokes a minute and a sadistic sense of humor, so too was this year’s panel. Never a place to go for actual news on the show, the Robot Chicken crew showed up on stage to show clips, answer fan questions and riff endlessly.

Other than the fact that the Seth Green apparently actually had a meeting with Hasbro about making a real line of My Little Pony Apocalypse action figures (it ain’t happening in this lifetime), there was no real information in this panel. There were, however, plenty of laughs.  Read on for choice quotes.

NOTE: These quotes are not exact. I typed them out in real time.

The panel began with by the shows principal writers and stars, including Green and Breckin Meyer, pimping the new season DVD which features nine unaired episodes including episode 100.

Next, they showed a short clip. Some of the gags included; evil cats, spoofs of Precious, Gollum, Green Lantern, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Halo, just to name a few. The 100th episode appears to feature a complex action sequence of the Robot Chicken killing lots of people in a castle.

As usual, Green spent most of the panel making fun of twitter and nerds discussing comic con online.

Matthew Senreich challenged anyone in the audience to each a five pound gummy bear in one day without vomiting. He was even willing to buy the bear, just to watch.

At one point Meyer began to choke —

“I just realized, there is not a person here who would heimlich me.”

One fan asked at what restaurant someone could actually buy Robot Chicken as a menu item. The answer: Kung Pao Bistro.  Green chastised the fan for wasting his question –

“You haven’t been looking too hard. I think you could google it.”

Green and Meyer continually bickered with banter like —

Green:You just want to fight with me? Well then I say Jesus was awesome!

Meyer: I say he was just okay.

Green: I say he was moderate to okay.

After Green discussed how proud he was of Family Guy Meyer broke into his super nerd voice —

Meyer: Dear diary, I didn’t realize Seth Green could suck himself off…but he did.

Green: I mean, I didn’t come here to brag.


After being complimented for improving the social status of Redheads Green said —

Gingers Unite! Lets all go on a pasty walk!

When asked what his favorite sketch was Green spent three-to-five minutes describing one that doesn’t even exist involving a series of flying paper gags and a man who hates pizza.

Green: World’s only pizza hater discovered. Worlds only pizza hater lynched by mob. World’s only pizza hater returns as zombie. World’s only pizza hater struck down by police. Worlds only pizza hating zombie revealed to be homeless man.

Senreich: I can’t believe you’re pitching this entire skit!

One fan bizarrely asked them to make fun of his most hated celebrity, Adam Corolla.

Another fan asked to see a skit about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Care Bears. Unironically, Green recalled that they had already done We did Hotel Rwanda with Care Bears.

A third fan asked if they would consider having Patrick Warburton on the show. The panel considered it until someone called out from the audience announcing that he had already been a guest voice.

Question: “Who has had the worst reaction to being made fun of on the show.”

Green: “Stevie Wonder.”

Senreich: “Actually, it wasn’t Stevie, it was Stevie’s people.”

Meyer: “Stevie hasn’t seen the show.”

Green: “Luckily, most of the people we make fun of don’t watch the show.”

Meyer: “What, you don’t think George Bush watches our show?”

Green: “I’m pretty sure George Bush does not watch our show.”

Meyer: “I’m pretty sure George Bush DOES watch our show.”

Question: “What was the most obscure joke on the show, ever?”

Senreich: “’Who’s on First.’ Literally Dr. Who standing on first base.”

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