July 23, 2008

Written by Nicole Pedersen

Days after receiving an Emmy nomination for their first “Star Wars” special on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Seth Green and the good folks over at “Robot Chicken” have announced that a second “Star Wars” special is in the works.The extended episodewill debut on November 16th during “Robot’s” fourth season.

The announcement was made (coincidentally?) on the very day that “Robot Chicken: Star Wars” was released on DVD – hello free publicity! About getting the opportunity to make another “Star Wars” special, Green told The Hollywood Reporter: “It doesn’t even seem real -getting to make “Star Wars” twice!”

Well, make that three times – if you count the “Star Wars” episode of “Family Guy” that Green helped voice last year. “Family” creator Seth MacFarlane will be back for round two of “Robot Chicken,” as the voice of Emperor Palpatine. Other returning guests include Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher. No word if George Lucas will be back after savaging his more eager and unattractive fans in the first “Robot” special.

As to the creative direction Episode Two will take, co-creator Matt Seinrich (remember him from Toy Fare back in the day?) says they will focus on the “Star Wars” bounty hunters and their back stories. Boba and Jango had their moments in the first special, but those names have soo much more comedy mileage to yield up between them, don’t you think?

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