RT25 to Celebrate 25 Years of ROBOTECH

     September 15, 2010


2010 marks 25 years since the American release of Robotech, the localized version of Japanese anime classic Macross. To celebrate, the Van Nuys Airtel Plaza will play host this weekend to RT25: The Celebration [via Mania.com], a two-night fete featuring an impressive number of the original voice cast and US production team. Highlights include Tony Oliver (voice of Rick Hunter), Melanie MacQueen (voice of Lisa Hayes), and Rebecca Forstadt (voice of Lynn Minmei). It’s not clear from the site who exactly is sponsoring the event, though it certainly doesn’t appear to be Harmony Gold, the series’ original producer, or Manga Entertainment, its current rights-holder. I have to admit: the purist in me wants to scorn this Americanized version of a truly great series. But, having watched it on TV as a kid I suspect I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the sometimes-campy dub. Registration for RT25 is closed as of September 1st, but diehard fans in the LA area always have the option to crash. Hit the jump for some classic Robotech clips.

Remastered Opening:

Manga Entertainment actually has the entire series posted on Youtube! Starting from Episode 1: Boobytrap: