Watch Darth Vader’s Infamous ‘Rogue One’ Scene, Plus Details on a Brutal Alternate Ending

     March 21, 2017


Yesterday we brought you word of an alternate ending for Gareth Edwards‘ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that would have ultimately been a happier fate for our Rebel heroes; today brings details of another alternate scene that did not end so well for an Imperial officer.

In their continuing coverage of the behind-the-scenes trivia for Rogue One, EW has a clip from the upcoming home video release that focuses on the return of Darth Vader himself. But a bit of information that’s more interesting for fans of the anthology film and the iconic character of Vader is news of the Sith lord’s alternate scene.

Watch a clip from the Rogue One Blu-ray that shows the return of Vader, followed by details on the alternate scene featuring an even more brutal Darth Vader in action:

As for Vader’s relatively little screentime in Rogue One, “Vader is in the movie as much as he always was. He only had two things in the film. He was on Mustafar and then in the battle at the end,” says screenwriter Gary Whitta. “The rampage where [Vader] murdered everybody wasn’t me. That got added later. I had pictured early on Vader murdering all these Rebel soldiers but I never wrote it into the script. It was an idea that stuck around after I left and they ended up finding a cool way to use it. It’s actually my favorite thing in the film.”


Image via Lucasfilm

So while that violent end to a violent film remained intact, something that didn’t make the cut was another more personal execution at the hands of Vader. As we mentioned yesterday, the alternate ending revealed that Jyn Erson and the Cassian Andor-type character had survived the destruction of the tropical planet Scarif, but today’s insight reveals that Imperial Director Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn) managed to survive as well. Apparently, he was rescued by Imperial forces after seeking shelter from the planet-destroying blast:

“They tore him out of the rubble and they brought him back,” Whitta says. “When they’re going over the ruins, he somehow survived. It’s a bit of a reach, which is why it isn’t in the finished film.”

However, should Krennic’s unlikely survival been kept in the final cut, he would have had some explaining to do:

“He survived the blast and they pulled him up and brought him to the Star Destroyer to report to Vader,” Whitta says. “He’s all beat up, his cape’s all torn up and stuff, and he thinks he has survived.”


Image via Lucasfilm

As foreshadowed earlier in the film when Krennic got the worst of a brief encounter with Vader, the Sith Lord does not suffer fools:

“Vader kills him for his failure,” Whitta says. How, you ask? In Vader’s signature style, he would have Force-choked Krennic to death as a show of strength and a warning to any other upstart Imperial officers. Maybe not a fitting end for Krennic, but certainly a reminder that Darth Vader is not to be taken lightly.

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