Watch: ‘Rogue One’ Ending Meets the Beginning of ‘Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope’

     March 22, 2017


Back in 1977, before anyone really knew what a “Star War” was, moviegoers watched a spaceship flee from a much larger spacecraft high above the surface of an unknown planet. In short order, they met a blue-and-white trashcan on wheels, a golden metal man, and a princess, surrounded by helmeted soldiers defending against an unseen threat with their poorly aimed laser blasts. This was all fairly run of the mill, but once Darth Vader, with his now-iconic look and voice, came onto the scene, Star Wars fans were born.

40 years later, Lucasfilm and Disney went back to the well with another prequel story known as Rogue One, an anthology film that is sandwiched smack between George Lucas‘ prequel trilogy and his original film. It fits so snugly up against the original, in fact, that the end sequence of Gareth Edwards‘ standalone film dovetails quite nicely into the famous opening sequence of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Yes, this was the intention all along, to provide some connective tissue between worlds, characters, and movies, but now an intrepid video editor has cut the final few moments of Rogue One together with the inciting moments of the whole feature film franchise. Unsurprisingly, it works quite well.

Check out the synced-up scenes below (via Paste Magazine):

Look for Rogue One on Digital HD on March 24th and on Blu-ray April 4th. And for more of our coverage on Rogue One, be sure to check out the recent write-ups at the following links:


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