Jedi Council: ‘Rogue One’ Finally Hits Theaters; Daisy Ridley Talks ‘Episode VIII’

     December 15, 2016

Today is December 15, 2016 and it’s an all new Collider Jedi Council hosted by Kristian Harloff with John Campea, Mark Reilly and Tiffany Smith.

Rogue One Reactions Surface Online

rogue-one-poster-felicity-jonesThe release of the much anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is finally upon us! While the film premiered this past weekend, several screenings have been scattered throughout the week and the response seems to be fairly positive. From fans on Twitter to reviews on various outlets, Star Wars fans are celebrating the standalone’s public bow.

Rogue One Premiere

While most of the world is waiting for the release of Rogue One, the Jedi Council crew were lucky enough to attend the world premiere! Being among the first group of people to see the new Star Wars film was an exciting adventure for all the members. The members of the Council discuss their experiences watching the film, celebrity encounters, and much more from the premiere.

Behind-the-Scenes of Rogue One

The wait for Rogue One is almost over and what better way to spend that remaining time than by watching footage from behind-the-scenes videos and exclusive interviews from the film’s cast and crew. Recently, new production videos surfaced on the YouTube channel Screen Slam. Here, the actors discuss their experience working on the film and they also discuss their characters.

Daisy Ridley Talks Episode VIII

In a recent interview with Empire, Daisy Ridley spoke more about the next film in the Star Wars saga, Episode VIII. We still don’t have a title just yet but a Star Wars sequel by any name and so on. Ridley said she has seen a sizzle reel of Episode VIII and that director Rian Johnson has been very happy with the project thus far.

Snoke No Longer CGI in Episode VIII?


Image via Lucasfilm

The character of Supreme Leader Snoke was definitely a mysterious one in last year’s The Force Awakens. Portrayed by the talented Andy Serkis via motion capture, Snoke, it now seems, will next be seen in the form of practical effects. The good people over at believe that Snoke will no longer be a CGI creation in Episode VIII .

What’s the Deal With Canon?

Now is the segment called What’s the Deal with Canon – a discussion on everything in the world of canon that isn’t one of the movies be it Episodes or Star Wars’Stories. “Canon” here include the tv shows, books, comics and video games.

A Short Time Ago, In a Tweet Far, Far Away…

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Image via Lucasfilm

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