‘Rogue One’: Filmmakers Confirm Han Solo and Hayden Christensen Won’t Appear

     July 28, 2016


If we’re going to talk about all the Star Wars characters who won’t be appearing in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, then boy oh boy are we going to be here a while. (Jabba the Hutt? Sy Snootles? What about Bossk?!) So rather than run through the character encyclopedia, let’s start with a pair of possible cameos that have been rumored to be appearing on Gareth Edwards’ anthology film.

With the official introduction of Alden Ehrenreich as the newer, younger model of Harrison Ford Han Solo, fans have been wondering whether or not the hotshot smuggler and pilot would be getting an introduction piggybacked onto the end of Rogue One. Similarly, after it was confirmed that Darth Vader – voiced by James Earl Joneswould also be involved with the film, fans of the prequel trilogy (they exist, somewhere) wanted to know if Hayden Christensen would somehow be making a return as well. ExtraTV talked with Edwards and Lucasfilm chief Kathleen Kennedy to get the final word on these questions and more.

Edwards addressed the Han Solo question, but shrugged off another rumor that probably hits too close to home:

In case you missed it, Edwards said, “Han Solo is not in the movie.” Shouldn’t get much clearer than that. Kennedy was a little more free with her answer to Rogue One’s timing in the Star Wars movie world and also shut down another pair of rumors:

Here’s Kennedy’s statement on Rogue One’s place in the universe:

It definitely leads into ‘New Hope’ that is very intentional, but it is a completely new and separate set of characters and it is a story that sits outside of anything anyone would necessarily know in ‘New Hope.’

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