‘Rogue One’: New Trailer to Air During the Rio Olympics on Thursday

     August 7, 2016


So, how’s your weekend going? Been keeping up with the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio? If you have, you might have noticed a super-short TV spot for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that aired during the games in the last 24 hours or so. The TV spot, which hasn’t popped up online quite yet, doesn’t offer much in the way of new footage or a new perspective on the footage we’ve seen thus far but works more as a kind of announcement trailer. The spot ends with a confirmation that we will, indeed, see a brand new full trailer for Rogue One on Thursday during the Rio Olympics.


Image via Lucasfilm

This is a bit more crucial than you might imagine. This week, it came to light that Tony Gilroy, the writer-director-producer behind Michael Clayton and the undervalued Duplicity, has spearheaded all the reshoots for Disney’s hugely anticipated Star Wars spin-off. Sources close to post-production also said that Gilroy is supervising the edits to the movie with an unclear amount of input from director Gareth Edwards. Gilroy worked with Edwards on Godzilla, so this doesn’t necessarily mean a hack job is underway but taken as a whole, all the stories about reshoots shows a certain cowardice in Disney to stray from the tone and structure of the Star Wars films that have been made thus far.

The new trailer will have to firmly give a sense that the film will be just as dark as the original trailer suggested while also teasing the film’s ties to the rest of the Star Wars franchise. Considering these elements at play, I would not be surprised if the new trailer included our first full glance at Darth Vader in the film, which well precede the events in Star Wars: A New Hope. If so, expect the internet to lose its collective shit come Thursday.

Here’s the tweet via the Star Wars Twitter account:


Image via Lucasfilm


Image via Lucasfilm


Image via Lucasfilm

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