Roland Emmerich Offered Director’s Chair for ASTEROIDS

     June 8, 2011


Roland Emmerich has a period drama set for this fall with Anonymous and that’s a welcome change of pace from his usual fare which tends to involve destroying everything.  I predict that eventually he will make a movie simply called Explosions and Tearful Goodbyes.  But until that film comes, we’ll have to settle for him finding new ways to destroy our planet.  He’s done it with aliens and cataclysm and now he may be doing it with giant rocks from outer space.

Vulture reports that Emmerich has been offered the chair for Universal’s adaptation of the classic arcade game Asteroids.  And technically, Matt Lopez’ (who previously wrote the remake of The Race to Witch Mountain) script doesn’t involve destroying the Earth because Vulture’s sources say that the film is set after the Earth has already been destroyed.  Loophole! Hit the jump for more details on the plot.  We’ll see how many explosions Anonymous has when it opens on September 30th.

The story for Asteroids has humans living on an Asteroid belt alongside seemingly benevolent aliens.  That’s a bit of a departure from the video game which has absolutely no story whatsoever.  It first appears that the aliens have rescued mankind from the destruction of Earth, but it turns out those damn untrustworthy aliens were actually responsible for our planet’s end and now they plan to kill off mankind.  That’s right: they save mankind so they can destroy them at a later date.  That sounds incredibly stupid and that’s why Emmerich is perfect for it.  Fingers crossed that he signs on.


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