‘ROMA’: This Handy Guide Explains the Best Way to Watch on TV

     December 16, 2018

roma-sliceAlfonso Cuarón‘s sweeping personal epic ROMA is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous films of the year. I was lucky enough to catch it in theaters and can confirm it’s not my favorite movie of the year, but it’s probably my favorite to just sit and look at, Cuarón’s black-and-white compositions so deep and eye-catching the movie is pretty much a moving photo book. But with the film dropping on Netflix last Friday, most viewers will experience ROMA at home. As we’ve said before, that’s okay! And now, thanks to an extremely helpful guide from the movie’s official site, cinephiles and casual-watchers alike can get as close to a theater experience as possible.

The most important part—as also explained by Mission: Impossible – Fallout filmmakers Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise—is to turn off your television’s motion smoothing, the scourge of many a home viewing experience.

1. Turn off Motion Smoothing or Interpolation

A lot of commercial televisions come with an image interpolation option turned on by default. The name for this setting can vary depending on the manufacturer. For the best viewing experience, turn off any setting such as TruMotion, Action Smoothing, Motion Interpolation, or similar names. When in doubt, research your manufacturer’s motion smoothing terminology.

Beyond that, the guide dives deep into your television settings—into sections I don’t even know existed, to be honest—explaining everything from the proper color temperature, the right contrast, brightness, color, and hue, plus the specific settings ranging across different TV brands. Sure, a lot of people will be fine just throwing ROMA without fiddling around with their TV—Again, completely okay! Movies are for everyone!—but if its one movie in 2018 that’s worth the extra effort, it’s this one.

Check out the full guide right here. For more on ROMA, check out the links below:

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