Warner Bros. Sets New Writer for Armed Forces Time Travel Film ROME, SWEET ROME

     January 14, 2013


Warner Bros. is bringing on a new screenwriter to tweak a project that initially began as a series of posts on Reddit.  Variety reports that Apollo 18 screenwriter Brian Miller has been tapped to rework the screenplay for Rome, Sweet Rome, which tells the story of a unit of U.S. armed forces that is transported back in time to battle Roman legions.  The project actually first came to fruition on Reddit, where initial posts by James Erwin about the story came to the attention of Madhouse Entertainment’s Adam Kolbrenner who then brought the pitch to Warner Bros. where the studio purchased the pic.

Erwin wrote an intial draft of the script, but apparently WB feels it needs “a fresh approach,” and has brought Miller in to write a new draft.  Miller hasn’t seen that first draft of the script, and will be starting from scratch based on the simple yet intriguing logline.

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