Ron Perlman and Leo Howard Talk CONAN THE BARBARIAN and HELLBOY 3

     August 18, 2011

Ron Perlman Leo Howard CONAN THE BARBARIAN and HELLBOY 3 interview slice

After years in pre-production, including a well respected but unproduced John Milius draft, Conan The Barbarian returns to theaters this Friday with Marcus Nispel directing Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa, as the titular warrior. Rose McGowan, Ron Perlman, Rachel Nichols and Stephen Lang round out the cast of this 3D bloodbath.

Hemming closer to the fantastical Robert E. Howard books, this new Conan is stripped down and vicious. Recently, I sat down with Ron Perlman and up and coming tough guy/Disney kid Leo Howard to discuss their roles in the film. During the interview, we talked about playing an action hero, Howard’s impressive stunt work, the film’s complex scripting process and Perlman even teases us with plot threads for Hellboy 3.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, if you missed my interviews with Jason Momoa, Rose McGowan or Rachel Nichols, just click the links.

Ron Perlman and Leo Howard

  • Joke about how he’s cornered the market on young bad ass characters
  • For Ron, how has he been able to keep playing such bad ass characters for so many years
  • The opening scene. How much was it stunt guys and how much Leo
  • I ask Leo if he can take on Hit Girl, and can Ron take on Arnold
  • Ron talks about his death scene and how the first 18 pages of the script was the stuff that was ready to go when filming began
  • Hellboy 3 talk


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