Ron Perlman and Kate del Castillo Talk THE BOOK OF LIFE, Dia de los Muertos, Bringing Mexican Culture to New Audiences, and More

     October 17, 2014


Now in theaters is Jorge Gutierrez‘s charming and visually stunning tribute to Dia de los Muertos, The Book of Life.  The animated feature depicts Gutierrez’s vision of the afterlife in which the celebrated and beloved spend eternity in the Land of the Remembered, ruled over by the beautiful and kind-hearted La Muerte (Kate del Castillo), while those souls beyond remembrance languish under the rule of the trickster Xibalba (Ron Perlman) in the Land of the Forgotten.  The film’s events are set into motion when the deities place a wager on the romantic fate of three childhood friends – should Maria (Zoe Saldana) chose to marry Manolo (Diego Luna), a good-natured musician, Xibalba will stop meddling in human affairs, but if she marries the rakish warrior Joaquin (Channing Tatum), Xibabla will take over as ruler of The Land of Remembered.

I recently sat down for an exclusive video interview with Ron Perlman and Kate del Castillo.  They talked about what attracted them to the project, bringing Mexican traditions to a new audience, the beautiful ideas behind Dia de los Muertos, and the relationship between La Muerta and Xibalba.  Hit the jump to watch.

Ron Perlman and Kate del Castillo:

  •  What attracted them to work on the film?
  • Are they excited to bring some elements of Mexican culture to a new audience?
  • Perlman talks about why he loves Dia de los Muertos.
  • Talk about the relationship between Xibalba and La Muerte.



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