TV News: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Creator Conjures Magical Police Procedural; PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Creators Developing Found-Footage Series THE RIVER

     September 2, 2010


The fall season of television kicks off in just a couple weeks, but networks are still looking ahead to new series prospects. Deadline and EW have the early word on a new series from Ronald D. Moore, who previously partnered with David Eick on the series re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. Though little is currently known about the series, it’s apparently a police procedural set in a world of magic not completely unlike Harry Potter, but with a predominantly adult cast. Sounds like a welcome departure from the traditional police dramas featuring cops with various psychological problems and ghosts from their past. It may even serve as a fine replacement for Law & Order since NBC canned that series recently. We’ll keep you posted as the project develops.

Hit the jump for information on a new series from the creators of the horror hit Paranormal Activity.

After making the spooky indie flick that made Paramount Pictures a shitload of money (and a new horror franchise), it looks like writer/director Oren Peli and Paranormal Activity 2 screenwriter Michael R. Perry are headed to the world of television. THR reports the duo are developing a series called The River, which employs the found-footage style of storytelling to follow the search for a person who went missing on the Amazon river. DreamWorks is in the midst of striking a deal with ABC Studios, where a pilot must be produced or a penalty will have to be paid. (It doesn’t sound like the network will have a problem following through, since they fought hard against NBC to snag the series.) The new fall season hasn’t even started and there’s already great stuff on the horizon for next year. Sound good?