Rooney Mara Rumored for Role in OLDBOY Remake

     September 28, 2011


Okay, I know you weren’t on board with an Oldboy remake of any form in the beginning.  But you have to admit, you were intrigued when Spike Lee signed on to direct.  And as one of the finest leading men in the business, Josh Brolin was a great getAnd he might be facing off against Christian Bale.  Okay, this could be pretty cool.  There’s still one more key role to cast, though: the female lead.  According to Twitch, Mandate wants Rooney Mara for the female lead, renamed Marie in the remake.  Terrific choice!

It’s way too early to celebrate.  First, there is no formal offer on the table.  Although, the last time we received a story like this from Twitch, they linked Brolin to Oldboy.  And second, I should really wait to see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo before I coronate Mara.  But I bought 500 shares in Rooney Mara stock right after I walked out of The Social Network.  I’m in on Mara.

To be clear, Brolin is the only confirmed piece.  The hypothetical billing of Brolin, Bale, and Mara under Lee’s direction is just so tempting.  Read the synopsis for the Korean original after the jump.


Oh Dae-su is a husband and father whose reputation for womanizing is well known. One day, for reasons he doesn’t understand, Oh Dae-su finds himself locked up in a prison cell, with no idea of what his crime was or whom his jailers may be. With a small television as his only link to the outside world and a daily ration of fried dumplings as his only sustenance, Oh Dae-su struggles to keep his mind and body intact, but when he learns through a news report that his wife has been killed, he begins a long and difficult project of digging an escape tunnel with a pair of chopsticks. Before he can finish — and after 15 years behind bars — Oh Dae-su is released, with as little explanation as when he was locked up, and he’s soon given a wad of money and a cellular phone by a bum on the street. Emotionally stunted but physically strong after 15 years in jail, Oh Dae-su struggles to unravel the secret of who is responsible for locking him up, what happened to his wife and daughter, and how to best get revenge against his captors. [Fandango]

Mark Protosevich (Thor) is the writer responsible for Americanizing this.  Doug Davison and Roy Lee are producing.


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