Rose McGowan Video Interview CONAN

     August 17, 2011

Rose McGowan Interview CONAN slice

After years in pre-production, including a well respected but unproduced John Milius draft, an aborted Red Sonja redux and a countless hours of fan casting, Conan The Barbarian returns to theaters this Friday with Marcus Nispel directing Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa, as the titular warrior.  Rose McGowan, Rachel Nichols, Ron Perlman and Stephen Lang round out the cast of this 3D bloodbath.

Hemming closer to the fantastical Robert E. Howard books, this new Conan is stripped down and vicious. Recently, I sat down with McGowan to discuss her role as an evil priestess in the film. During our interview we discussed the joy of playing mean, why her Red Sonja film was put on hold, her character’s bizarre, but oddly sensuous appeal, the dangers of STDs in ancient times, and she gave us a tidbit on her upcoming film Fortune, where she might be playing a transvestite.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, if you missed my interviews with Jason Momoa or Rachel Nichols, just click the links.

Rose McGowan

  • Is it fun to play somebody so bad and mean.  Talks about Doom Generation and Jawbreaker as well.
  • Talks about why she didn’t do Red Sonja (had to do with an injury)
  • Her fashion sense in the movie and how she’s not a sexpot character like she’s played in other movies
  • Tried to ask a fun question about the sanitary issues with checkin peoples blood
  • Future project talk. Says she’ll be playing a transvestite in Fortune if the financing comes together



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