‘Rough Night’ Red-Band Trailer Reveals Scarlett Johansson’s Killer Bachelorette Party

     March 8, 2017


In something that looks like Bridesmaids meets Very Bad Things, Rough Night chronicles a set of college friends who reunite for an epic bachelorette party where things immediately go deeply awry. Directed by Broad City‘s Lucia Aniello (who also co-wrote it with fellow Broad City scribe Paul W. Downs), Rough Night stars Scarlett Johansson (as the bride to be), Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Zoe Kravitz, and Ilana Glazer.

Beyond the great cast, you had me at “from the writers of Broad City.” And while the movie is definitely part of a new movement for studios to produce “raunchy female comedies,” this does look like it could be genuinely very funny, even if it is playing off of the old “our party got so crazy we accidentally killed a prostitute! Shoulda stayed in the suburbs!”

Check out the trailer below:

According to Buzzfeed, which debuted the new trailer, Aniello says of Rough Night that

“It’s a movie about friendships. It was really more about honing in on our experience of having friendships from high school and college that have evolved and maybe gotten a little bit distant and what does it feel like when you reconnect with those people? Are people excited to be reunited? Are they resentful? What is that experience like?”

Aniello went on to say that,

“It was beyond our wildest dreams in terms of how much chemistry [the cast] had — it was off the charts. A lot of them already knew each other from socially or just working together in the past, so … you really felt like they had been friends forever.”

Rough Night also stars Colton Haynes, Ty Burrell, and Demi Moore, and is produced by Matt Tolmach and Dave Becky. The film set to debut in theaters June 16th.

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