Running Dialogue #8: In Which We Discuss IRON MAN 2 and the Summer Movie Season (Special Guest: Ed Adams)

     May 8, 2010

In our latest installment of Running Dialogue, Russ, Curt, and I are joined by Ed Adams, author of the Creative Loafing: Atlanta blog, “Ed Loves Bacon“.  The four of us discuss Iron Man 2, and each of us brings up various elements we liked and parts that needed work.  We all liked the film to varying extents but if you had an issue with the film, we probably brought it up at one point during the half hour we spend talking about IM2.  We also talk about movies we’re looking forward to this summer like Inception, Toy Story 3, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, as well as smaller films like The Killer Inside Me.

Click here to listen and be sure to read Russ’ stuff over at /Film and Curt and Ed’s stuff over at Creative Loafing.

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