Running Dialogue #7: In Which We Discuss LOST with Special Guest Allison Keene of The Televangelist

     May 4, 2010

In this installment of our podcast Running Dialogue, Russ Fischer of /Film, Curt Holman of Creative Loafing: Atlanta, and I are joined by Allison Keene who runs Creative Loafing’s TV blog, “The Televanglist“.  The topic: Lost.  We’re all big fans of the show (although some less than others in response to the season thus far) and this is the geekiest and funniest of the shows we’ve done.  Then again, I indulged in my nasty habit of dominating a conversation and revealed myself as the biggest Lost nerd at the table.  But I think we had a really great interplay and everyone made great points that I hadn’t considered before.

Click here to listen to the podcast.  Hit the jump for a breakdown of what we talk about in this episode.  Also, we’re making up for our brief hiatus by giving you another episode of Running Dialogue this Thursday.  In that podcast, we’ll be talking about Iron Man 2 and the summer movie season.

Here’s a chronological breakdown of what we discussed in this episode:

1:25 – Watching Lost: Marathon vs. Week-to-Week

8:28 – Our feelings on the final season.

10:15 – The appeal of Lost

19:02 – More thoughts on the final season.

22:13 – The actors and their characters.

27:00 – Lingering questions.

34:30 – How outside sources (books, music) deepen the Lost experience.

36:25 – What is the value of the show?

39:30 – Favorite little moments, elements, and episodes.

52:46 – Parting thoughts.