Rupert Sanders Circles VAN HELSING Starring Tom Cruise and Produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci

     October 10, 2012


Early reports have director Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) circling the Van Helsing reboot that stars Tom Cruise and is being produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.  Sanders and Universal apparently have mutual interest in maintaining their working relationship.  While the feature debut of Sanders brought modest box office success, the film was eventually overshadowed by the rumored affair between the director and star Kristen Stewart.  Cruise is currently filming All You Need is Kill and there is a good chance that Van Helsing will be his next project.  In other words, Universal needs to lock down a director soon. Can Sanders resurrect Van Helsing? Hit the jump for more.

Twitch reports rupert-sanders-van-helsing-directorthat Sanders and Universal are in early talks for the helmer to take on another possible franchise with Van Helsing.  Hugh Jackman starred in the title role of Stephen Sommers’ 2004 iteration.  This time, the vampire hunter will be played by Cruise and the plot will be more “grounded in reality” according to producer Kurtzman.  Cruise aims to be back in box office control with his action adaptation Jack Reacher opening later this year and Joseph Kosinski’s sci-fi epic Oblivion set for next spring.  Oh, and then there’s the rumored sequel to Top Gun along with the eventual Mission: Impossible 5 in the future.  We’ll see which direction Cruise heads next, but Van Helsing could be a viable option.

Sanders, meanwhile, has yet to be confirmed for the sequel/spin-off to Snow White and the Huntsman, so Universal may be setting Van Helsing up to keep him in house or bide time until SWATH 2 gets ironed out.


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