Writer-Producer James Sclafani Shopping Around Script for Rush Limbaugh Movie

     June 3, 2010

Is there a potential for a movie if your protagonist is a vile, racist, cynical pile of hatred who calls forth the very worst in people?  Writer-producer James Sclafani (W.) thinks so.  He’s currently shopping around a script based off unauthorized biography The Rush Limbaugh Story: Talent on Loan from God by Paul Colford.  Sclafani says that his film is in the vein of W. and according to Deadline, “get beneath the surface politics and controversies and down to the ambition and demons that drove Limbaugh’s success.”  It will also examine his various hypocrisies including his strong stance against drug users while simultaneously addicted to prescription painkillers.  There’s also his hard-on for war even though he avoided Vietnam with a 4-F draft status (physically or psychologically unfit to serve).  Sclafani boils it down to “Citizen Kane meets Private Parts.”  If the movie ends with Limbaugh dying alone and unloved, I’m okay with that.

Unsurprisingly, Limbaugh is not involved with the project, although he didn’t stand in the way of Colford’s book.  Why would he?  I don’t think Rush Limbaugh believes every putrid comments that spews forth from his face duct.  I believe he’s a brand selling a product and the more attention he receives, the better it is for his product.  That product just happens to be hate.

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