Russell Crowe Looks to Make His Feature Directorial Debut with 77

     April 25, 2011


After starring in acclaimed crime dramas such as LA Confidential and American Gangster, Russell Crowe now looks to be ready to jump into the director’s chair with a new 1970’s period crime drama called 77.  The movie is based on a story by LA Confidential writer James Ellroy and will be adapted by David Matthews.  Crowe also plans to star.

Deadline reports that the film will revolve around the unsolved homicide of an LAPD officer in 1974 and the ensuing nationally televised battle in South Central Los Angeles between the Symbionese Liberation Army and the LAPD, which included 50,000 rounds of gunfire.  The events will be told through two police partners, one black and one white.  Hit the jump for my thoughts on Crowe’s potential as a director.

Despite his controversial off-camera altercations, Crowe has proven to be one of the most consistent actors in recent memory, particularly in these types of gritty cop movies.  It will be interesting to see whether his abilities behind the camera will be at the same level as his acting.  While he had previously contemplated directing some other films, I think this concept seems to be right down his alley.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the genre should he decide to take on the project.  While he is still awaiting a rewrite of the script, I am glad to see that Crowe is seriously considering what looks to potentially be a very intense and exciting film in 77.


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