Darren Aronofsky Wants Russell Crowe and Liam Neeson for His Biblical Epic NOAH

     February 1, 2012


Coming off the success of Black Swan, director Darren Aronofsky wants to follow up with the most ambitious production of his career.  The film is Noah, an epic about the Biblical tale of Noah’s Ark with a price tag of $130 million.  You need a bankable star to get that kind of money.  Christian “Batman” Bale passed, and potential replacement Michael Fassbender is busy with his new fame and accolades.  Deadline hears that Aronofsky has finally found his Noah, and it is Russell Crowe.  The deal is not official yet, but the smart money is reportedly on Crowe.  Additionally, Aronofsky is said to be interested in offering another part to Liam Neeson.  The only other major role we know about is the villain of the movie who argues against Noah’s faith as he builds a massive ship to weather the impending flood.  As the physical embodiment of wisdom, I could see Neeson as the humanistic antagonist.

Paramount and New Regency want to start shooting Noah this summer for a 2013 release.  Hit the jump for more on the project.

Aronofsky tested out the story in graphic novel form.  The trailer and translated synopsis are below:

It was a world without hope, a world with no rain and no crops, dominated by warlords and their barbarian hordes. In this cruel world, Noah was a good man. Seasoned fighter, mage and healer but he only wanted peace for him and his family. Yet every night, Noah was beset by visions of an endless flood, symbolizing the destruction of all life. Gradually he began to understand the message sent him by the Creator. He had decided to punish the men and kill them until the last. But he gave Noah a last chance to preserve life on Earth …



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