Russell Crowe to Direct Bill Hicks Biopic

     July 23, 2012


Russell Crowe is set to direct a biopic based on the life of brilliant stand-up comedian Bill Hicks.  According to The Telegraph, Crowe is teaming up with his longtime friend Mark Staufer, who wrote the script.  For those unfamiliar with Hicks, I highly recommend checking out some his stand-up.  It’s not only funny, but disturbingly prescient and relevant.  “Bill Hicks’ life is tragically short, but spectacularly interesting,” Staufer said. “The screenplay has gone through a number of drafts and we’ll go into production early next year.”

Crowe had been involved with the project for several years, and at one point was also set to star, but now it looks like he’ll only be directing.  The production will cast a wide net in trying to get the right actor for Hicks, and I’m curious to see if they’re willing to go with an unknown if that means getting the right guy for the part.  Crowe recently directed a segment in the upcoming anthology film Sydney Unplugged, and he’ll next be seen in RZA‘s martial arts action flick The Man with the Iron Fists.  Hit the jump to see some of Hicks’ stand-up.


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