Ryan Gosling Mulling Franchise Role as He Eyes DOCTOR STRANGE, HOUDINI, and SUICIDE SQUAD

     October 15, 2014


Thus far, Ryan Gosling has managed to enjoy a successful career without starring in any franchise or studio tentpole films.  His taste has varied nevertheless, ranging from moody dramas like Half Nelson and Drive to lighter films like Crazy, Stupid, Love. and Lars and the Real Girl.  Gosling is currently gearing up to start filming writer/director Shane Black’s 1970s crime noir The Nice Guys opposite Russell Crowe, but the actor’s no-franchise status may soon be changing.  Gosling is reportedly mulling over the possibility of starring in one of a trio of high-profile studio films: Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Summit’s The Secret Life of Houdini, and Warner Bros.’ DC Comics adaptation Suicide Squad.  More after the jump.

doctor-strange-ryan-goslingThe folks over at Heat Vision are reporting that Gosling is showing interest in making a franchise play by mulling over a lead role in three major films.  Marvel is still reeling from the loss of Joaquin Phoenix as the star of their next superhero film after next summer’s Ant-Man, the mystical Doctor Strange, and we reported earlier today that the studio is aiming high in its search for a replacement.  That search apparently includes Gosling, who reportedly has met with Marvel Studios to discuss taking on the lead role in director Scott Derrickson’s adaptation.  The studio appears to be casting a wide net, and Jared Leto and Justin Theroux are reported to be actively campaigning for the role, so it’s still a pretty wide race as far as who will get the part.  But Gosling is a formidable (not to mention incredibly attractive) presence, so he would make an interesting choice as the next Marvel Cinematic Universe addition.

Gosling is also fielding an offer to star in The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero for director Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest).  The project is based on the book of the same name by authors William Kalush and Larry Slmoan, and paints the famous magician as an Indiana Jones type who, while not performing feats of escape, spends his time investigating the world of the occult.  Johnny Depp was previously attached to lead the film, but was forced to leave when the shooting schedule for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was pushed back a year.

If that wasn’t enough, Gosling is also being courted to lead Warner Bros.’ next DC Comics adaptation after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the supervillain-centric Suicide Squad.  For more on the other A-listers that WB is courting for the superhero film, click here.

There’s no guarantee that Gosling will accept any of these roles, and he’s been particularly choosy in the past.  He was in line to lead Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern, but walked away when the studio insisted on signing him to multiple sequels, paving the way for Ryan Reynolds to take on the role.  But it’s interesting to see him at least mulling over the possibility of these big films, and seeing as how he’s a fantastic actor I’m all for seeing him bring some dramatic weight to a big studio franchise film.

What say you, readers?  Do you think Gosling should stick to the road less traveled or are you intrigued by the possibility of him leading a major franchise picture?  Sound off in the comments below.


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