Watch: Ryan Gosling Is Angry ‘Avatar’ Used the Papyrus Font in ‘SNL’ Video

     October 1, 2017


Saturday Night Live returned to the airwaves last night for its 43rd season, and while the episode as a whole wasn’t terrific, there was one standout sketch that hit a very specific funnybone. In a pre-taped sketch that aired towards the end of the show, Ryan Gosling played a man plagued with anger and frustration over one simple fact: Avatar seemingly just used the “papyrus” font for its logo and left it at that. That’s the entire sketch, and it’s hilarious.

The whole thing plays out pretty seriously, and this is further evidence that Gosling is a tremendous comedic talent (he also delivered one of the best comedic performances in recent memory in 2016’s The Nice Guys). This sketch was the brainchild of writer Julio Torres, who made the Avatar/papyrus observation on Twitter this past May.

Speaking of writers, news broke last night that Season 42’s head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider have departed the series after six years with the show, moving on to focus on a comedy series they have set up at Comedy Central. Bryan Tucker and Kent Sublette, who was promoted to co-head writer midway through last year’s season, have taken over the “head writer” position and will be leading Season 43 together. Tucker has been a co-head writer since Season 39, when he, Colin Jost, and Rob Klein took over for departing head writer Seth Meyers.

It’ll be interesting to see how the show progresses without Kelly and Schneider now, and what kind of tone Tucker and Sublette set going forward. As always there will be good sketches and bad sketches, but from the premiere episode we at least now have this nugget of fried gold to enjoy over and over again. Check it out below.