Ryan Murphy Is the Frontrunner to Direct ANNIE Remake Starring Willow Smith

     February 9, 2011


A couple weeks ago, we reported that Will Smith and Jay-Z were teaming up to produce a “re-imagination” of the Broadway musical Annie starring Smith’s daughter Willow.  The young Smith already has an obnoxious pop single with “Whip My Hair” so she can apparently handle a musical.  Deadline is now reporting that Sony wants Glee creator Ryan Murphy to direct the flick.  For those unfamiliar with Annie, the story is set during the Great Depression and centers on a spunky 11-year-old redhead named Annie who is adopted by kindly billionaire Daddy Warbucks.  The musical was based on the comic Little Orphan Annie.  The character has traditionally been white, but nothing prevents the character from being black provided you move the time to post-integration.  Otherwise, if you keep it set during the Great Depression, it seems like you’re saying, “Black children have always been treated equally as white children!  What’s Jim Crow?”

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While Sony believes they have a breakout star in Willow Smith the same way they had last year with Willow’s brother Jaden in the remake of The Karate Kid, getting the Glee guy to direct your musical doesn’t hurt.  Unsurprisingly, Murphy has become a go-to-guy for musicals due to the success of his wildly popular TV series.  He’s been courted not only for Annie, but also for a remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and a screen adaptation of Wicked.  As long as he’s not writing any of these movies, I’m happy.  He knows how to shoot musical numbers, but the only characters he knows how to write are mean, spiteful people and buffoons.


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