GLEE’s Ryan Murphy and 24’s Howard Gordon Developing New TV Series About Phobias

     September 17, 2010


Ryan Murphy (co-creator, exec. producer, showrunner of Glee) and Howard Gordon (exec. producer and showrunner of 24) are teaming-up to present 20th Century Fox with an offer it could, but most likely won’t, refuse.  Both key players in two of Fox’s bigger success stories of late, the pair are developing a television drama project that is currently in negotiations to air on said studio.  The show is described as a “high-concept, character-driven procedural that deals with making people face their worst fears and phobias.”  Somewhere, most likely alongside an octagon, Joe Rogan is thinking to himself “been there, done that.”

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Per Deadline, Murphy and Gordon’s project will focus on a psychiatrist and will feature “supernatural elements but will revolve around broader mysteries in the vein of The X-Files.”  Considering Gordon served as a writer-producer on Chris Carter’s award-winning series, it seems as if the untitled project is already off on the right foot to achieving that particular end.

Finally, while Fox has not officially picked up the show, it isn’t too much of a stretch (given the amount of success both Murphy and Gordon have contributed to the studio) to think that we will be seeing at least the series pilot on Fox in the near future.  Given the contrasting elements of their recent creative outputs (Glee vs. 24), I’m interested in seeing how this series shapes up.