Watch Ryan Reynolds Do His Hugh Jackman Impression While in ‘Deadpool’ Makeup

     November 9, 2015


Something fishy is afoot in the X-Men universe. While 20th Century Fox is getting ready to finally get into the “inter-connected universe” game with Deadpool, which takes place in the same world as the X-Men movies, things have so far been a bit murky when it comes to the timeline and canon vs. non-canon. Case in point: The spinoff failure X-Men Origins: Wolverine is essentially being written out of history with Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds technically filled the role of “Wade Wilson/Weapon X” in the horrendous origin story film, but his turn as Wade Wilson in Deadpool is now being treated as canon with everyone just pretending that X-Men Origins doesn’t exist—which is completely and utterly fine.

But just because that movie “didn’t happen” doesn’t mean the relationships behind the scenes have been lost. Hugh Jackman—who is essentially the connective tissue throughout the entire Fox superhero universe—recently tweeted out a video not of himself, but of Reynolds in full Deadpool scarring makeup doing his best Hugh Jackman impersonation (seen below). It’s a genuinely funny video, but does this hint at something bigger going on in the X-Men world? Could we possibly maybe see Jackman pop up as Wolverine when Deadpool hits theaters next February?

We already know from Steve’s set visit that Deadpool addresses X-Men Origins explicitly in the script, as Reynolds’ character has the unique ability to break the fourth wall and speak to the audience, but it’d be doubly fun if Jackman himself made an appearance in the film as well. He’s currently prepping for his final standalone Wolverine movie, which hopefully shoots next year, but it would certainly be a fun tease for fans if there was one last Wolverine/Deadpool encounter—for real this time—before Jackman bids adieu to the character once and for all. Fingers crossed.

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Image via 20th Century Fox

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