Exclusive: Ryan Reynolds talks GREEN LANTERN at CinemaCon; Plus an Update on R.I.P.D.

     April 1, 2011

Ryan Reynolds interview GREEN LANTERN CinemaCon slice

Earlier today, before the Warner Bros. CinemaCon panel, I got to speak with Ryan Reynolds about Green Lantern.  At the time, all I’d seen was the trailer, so I still wasn’t sure if the movie was going to come together.  But after doing this interview, I got to see four scenes from the movie and I’m happy to report the footage looked so much better than I expected.  Loaded with action and effects that are literally out of this world, Green Lantern is the next generation of comic book movies and I’m so excited to check it out this June. Read or watch a lot more of my thoughts here.

During the interview, Reynolds talked about promoting at both CinemaCon and WonderCon, putting his faith in the animators, voice casting, how his career has changed, and future projects like R.I.P.D. and Safe House.  Hit the jump to either read or watch the interview.

Finally, due to some audio issues, here’s the transcript followed by the video.  Sorry about the audio.  I didn’t know we had an issue until playback.

Collider: You’re beginning today two days of a lot of promotion here.  You’re going to WonderCon.  Is it something that you are excited for?

Ryan Reynolds:  You’re excited for parts of it. There are other parts of it that are a little bit difficult.  I’m actually in the middle of shooting in Cape Town.  So that part’s hard — coming all the way back for a couple of days and heading back to Africa.

I did the set visit.  I know a lot about your movie.  Something that I’ve found: there’s so much riding on the CGI.  You have space battles, you go to another planet.  There’s so much there.  For you as a performer, you’re putting a lot of faith in animators.  Is that a concern for you signing on?  Or do you see footage and know?

Reynolds: I saw a bit of footage, but you can’t ever know that stuff going in.  That’s something that you have to have a lot of faith in your studio.  And I look at Warner Bros. and their track record, Harry Potter and these big tentpole movies — they do such a great job with all of it.  They spend the money, which is what it comes down to really .  So you have faith in that regard and you just do whatever you can in the capacity that I have.  I’m the actor of the movie and I have to bring that to life.  That’s all I can focus on.

Recently, in the last few days, a number of voice cast people have been announced: Geoffrey Rush, there’s rumors about Michael Clarke Duncan.  There’s a lot of Green Lanterns in this.  Is there surprise voice cast news about to come?

Reynolds: I think there might be.  I’m not really at liberty to say, but I think there might be.  I think so.  There’s a few yet to be cast.  We’ll see a lot of different Lanterns on Oa.

What of the final film have you seen?  How far into it?

Reynolds: I’ve only seen chunks and sections, because I don’t like seeing the stuff that’s not polished.  It’s harder for me to step away from it and watch that. 

Something I’m really looking forward to is R.I.P.D.

Reynolds: Cool.  Yeah, me too.

So what’s the status on that?

Reynolds: I don’t know yet.  Bringing any movie together is a minor miracle.  But it’s definitely moving along.  It’s in development.  Hopefully soon we’ll shoot it.

I know I have to wrap with you so real quick.  You’re entering a whole new phase of your career where you’re the lead in Green Lantern.  You’re doing something in Cape Town — I believe it’s called Safe House.  I almost butchered that.

Reynolds: No, it’s fine.

You’re doing that, it’s possible you might be doing R.I.P.D. What’s your criteria right now for picking projects, and what are you sort of thinking about?  Are you being offered way more scripts?

Reynolds: It’s been good lately.  It’s not so much about the scripts you’re offered.  It’s really what you hope to accomplish.  For me, I’ve been lucky enough to get away with doing something in a different genre each time.  I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work in comedy, drama, even animation, independent, studio films.  Everything under the sun.  I’ve been really fortunate for that.  You try to keep that variety going and hope you keep getting away with it.

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