Will Sacha Baron Cohen Take on Donald Trump (Again) in His Next Project?

     July 5, 2018


Sometimes the stars align in wonderful ways. Case in point, Sacha Baron Cohen is teasing a new project centered on Donald Trump in ways that are not yet clear but will undoubtedly be hilarious and controversial. In a rare post on Twitter, which is ironic considering just how often Trump tweets, Baron Cohen shared a teaser video that features Trump doing his usual shtick: Suggesting violence be done against the comedian, expressing his belief that he should be “fired”, and saying he should go to “schoo-ol” to “learn about being funny.”

It seems that Baron Cohen took that advice to heart. This video ends with a message saying that “Sacha Graduates Soon” followed by the logo of the short-lived Trump University. The unaccredited “schoo-ol” was the subject of much legal scrutiny, ultimately resolved through settlements, but it looks like it’ll also be the subject of Baron Cohen’s next project.

Check out the teaser below:

This isn’t the first time Baron Cohen and Trump have crossed paths, as you can see in this 2003 Ali G video, followed by Baron Cohen’s look back on the “interview” on a more recent episode of James Corden’s The Late Late Show:

Details on the project are few and far between at the moment, but with a focus on Trump University, Baron Cohen has a lot of leeway as to just how he wants to approach it. Will he be some sort of student enrolled in the ridiculous not-college? Will he instead be a questionable faculty member overseeing students with no actual oversight of his actions? Or will the project skew closer to a mockumentary about the failed “university” itself? Hard telling. All we can say for sure is that Baron Cohen certainly knows how to create a ridiculous, button-pushing character that stirs up all kinds of controversy.

Like Borat…

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