SALEM’s Elise Eberle and Iddo Goldberg Talk Season 2’s Witch War

     April 11, 2015


Salem Season 2 started up last week on WGN America and the characters have found themselves in a very different situation after the Great Rite at the end of Season 1. Mercy (Elise Eberle) is now fighting against Mary (Janet Montgomery) and performing some very disturbing spells involving birds and reproductive organs. She’s a rogue now and it looks like she’s going to be a major player in the coming witch war.

On the other hand, poor Isaac (Iddo Goldberg) is the first victim of the witch plague, and is suffering, as Isaac tends to do. I recently visited the Salem set in Shreveport, Louisiana and spoke to Eberle and Goldberg. Check out what they had to say about what’s coming in Season 2, the incredibly creepy room we filmed in and the power Mercy is about to wield.

Check back in, because we have more interviews with the cast and crew on the way. Salem returns to WGN America on Sunday.


Elise Eberle and Iddo Goldberg:

  • :11— Eberle and Iddo talk about the room we did the interview in, which is Mercy’s Season 2 abode.
  • 1:09 — They discuss the witch wars and how Salem is fighting for its life against the plague.
  • 2:00 — Iddo tells us about his affliction and where Isaac finds himself this season.
  • 2:55 — Eberle tells us about Mercy’s experiments with power and the “bird spell” she did in Episode 1.


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