SALEM: Lucy Lawless and Janet Montgomery Talk Season 2, Play the Autoharp on Set

     April 18, 2015

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In the new season of WGN America’s Salem, Lucy Lawless plays Countess Marburg, a hereditary witch new to Salem. She’s tried to perform the Great Rite and failed, and she wants to know how Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) managed to pull it off.

I recently visited the Shreveport, Louisiana set of the show and got a chance to chat with Lawless and Montgomery about Season 2. Not only did Montgomery randomly play an instrument, but she gave us hints about the gender war in Salem and what spells we’re going to see this time around. Lawless dropped some hints about the very creepy witch/son relationship that Mary is about to learn about.

Check out the interview below and make sure to check back for our interviews with the rest of the cast and the creators.


Lucy Lawless and Janet Montgomery:

  • :06 — Janet Montgomery serenades us with an autoharp she found in Countess Marburg’s boudoir. Seriously.
  • :43 — Lawless and Montgomery talk about the gender war that’s coming along with the witch war.
  • 1:14 — The two give us a hint about the brand new spells we’re going to see, and Lawless teases the creepy witch/son relationship that Mary is going to learn about from the Countess.
  • 1:52 — On the scenes they got to shoot together in Season 2 so far.


Image via WGN America

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