SALEM Season 2: Cast & Creators Tease a Brewing Witch War at WonderCon 2015

     April 4, 2015


The cast and creators of WGN’s fantasy drama Salem hit the stage on night one of WonderCon to chat about the terrifying happenings coming to the witchy town in its second season. Creators and writers Brannon Braga and Adam Simon, accompanied by stars Janet Montgomery and Shane West, not only delighted the audience with their charm and charisma but also slipped a few teases about the new season. Find out what’s coming up in the spellbinding series below.

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    Poster via WGN America

    As the promos for the new season clearly state, there is a witch war brewing in the town of Salem. Season 2 will see more of that rivalry, “We shouldn’t assume that all witches are on the same side,” Simon stated, “There are other witches, having seen Mary’s triumph, who have their eye on her.” Montgomery seems to think her character might be in a bit of a pickle when it comes to these new threats. “She starts to question whether these people can defeat her and she can get knocked off her throne,” she added.

  • As for John Alden, West assures that his character will have no remorse when it comes to his determination to rid Salem of all witches, even if that includes the mother of his child. “He’s a lot more straightforward this year, bent on revenge against all witches, including the love of his life, Mary Sibley. He doesn’t know about his son and I’m hoping that’s gonna be an exciting scene to play,” Shane stated.
  • New characters are calling Salem their home this season, including a doctor, Samuel Wainwright, played by Stuart Townsend. “He finds himself crossing paths with Mary Sibley and becomes infatuated with her,” said Braga, teasing the new love interested and perhaps a possible love triangle. Fan favorite, Lucy Lawless, is also coming to town and according to Braga, she will be as bad as they come. Lawless will play Countess Ingrid Palantine von Marburg. “She’s a very ancient, very violent witch who has sensed that the Grand Rite has been completed by Mary and intends to take what she could never do herself,” Braga added.
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    Mary’s relationship with her son will change her. “You see a different side to her personality,” said Montgomery, “She was very maternal with Mercy but to suddenly have this son that she sacrificed seven years ago, she’s in a state of denial to what he might have been through those seven years.” She also revealed that perhaps he’s someone to be feared, stating that he’s definitely not a normal child and comparing him to the antichrist.

  • Anne’s journey this season and her discovery into the world of witches will be one to watch. She’s made a big transformation from the girl we first saw in Season 1 and now that she’s without parents, she finds herself in a sort of alliance with Mary. “Mary swoops in as her mentor and basically says, either you’re with me or you’re not.” Braga said. And Montgomery seems to understand what the new witch is experiencing, “Now that she knows she’s a witch, just like Mary went through, you start to enjoy these powers. I think it’s going to be interesting to see her become corrupted—it feels too good not to use these powers and find this new sexuality within herself.”
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    Mary’s inner struggle is still something she lives with and it has shaped who she is now. While season one dealt with her feelings for John and the reigniting of her barely-there humanity, this season will be more focused on her love for her son. Montgomery believes he’s the real motive behind her actions, “She’s only doing the witchcraft thing and completing everything in order to have a world in which he will be safe and they can be together.”

  • Love might be in the horizon for Isaac the fornicator. The plague will pay him a visit but fret not because Braga revealed that he will have a journey of healing, and this will bring about a bit of romance to his life.
  • We will learn a little more about John Alden’s backstory and why the Native Americans have saved his life on more than one occasion. “What strange pact has he made with them and what effect will it have on him?” Braga said, adding to the mystery of that relationship and assuring that John’s backstory will be very much present throughout the new season.
  • Mary is still holding on to hope that John will form a family with her and their son even after giving up her soul to the Dark Lord. “I think that’s always the ideal—she said to him, I’m going to leave with you, I’ll run away with you because he accepts her in the finale. Ultimately she knew that wasn’t possible. There’s a certain element of in an ideal world there would be many things different but she’s stuck and she has to accept the decision she’s made.”

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