SALEM: Seth Gabel and Tamzin Merchant Talk Their Characters and Season 2

     May 2, 2015

salem-season-2-sethgabel-tamzin-merchant-slice A lot has changed for Cotton Mather (Seth Gabel) and Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant) since we left them at the end of Salem Season 1. Anne found out that she’s a hereditary witch and, while angry with her father, cut his head off with her mind! Not to be outdone, Cotton murdered his father during a fight. Now they’re both free of parental influences and left at loose ends. With the witch plague affecting the town, a doctor and man of logic (Stuart Townsend) taking up residence and Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) trying to win Anne to her side, there has been a huge shift in power.

I recently got to visit the Salem set in Shreveport, Louisiana where I got to sit down with the cast and crew to talk about the new season. Gabel and Merchant told me about the guilt Cotton and Anne feel about not being punished for the murders, Anne’s new powers and finding a love for Cotton. Salem airs Sunday nights on WGN America.

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Seth Gabel and Tamzin Merchant:

  • :14 — Merchant and Gabel talk about Cotton and Anne’s parental issues and how things have changed now that they’ve killed their fathers.
  • 1:36 — Merchant talks about Anne’s new powers and how she doesn’t really want them, despite her strength.
  • 2:35 — Gabel talks about love and finding a “lock for his love key,” and the scene with Gloriana (Azure Parsons) that didn’t make it into Season 1.