Sam Mendes Finds a New Choir with PREACHER

     October 29, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

Well, if they haven’t had their press day already, I should get to warning Mr. Sam Mendes that he’s not going to talk about his latest film “Revolutionary Road” as much as he’ll be talking about today’s news: he’s the newest director signed on to adapt the popular comic series, “Preacher”. Personally, I would never have picked Mendes in a million years to direct “Preacher” because “Preacher” requires a little bit of insanity. I’ve never seen a hint of madness from Mendes’ previous films and for “Preacher”, such madness is mandatory.

Some may be more concerned that this is now back on the track of a motion picture rather than an HBO series as it was with Mark Steven “I Love Daredevil But Clearly Don’t Understand The Character At All” Johnson. But personally, I would express greater concern that Mendes can’t pull off a work where people notice their jaws getting blown off or capture the exuberance of a character like Arseface. But if “Revolutionary Road” has a scene where Leonardo DiCaprio shaves his head and then is cut to resemble a giant walking penis, I’ll put my full faith into Mr. Mendes’ abilities.

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