Could Sam Raimi Be Directing the POLTERGEIST Remake After All? [Update: No]

     October 17, 2012


When it was first announced that director Sam Raimi’s horror classic Evil Dead would be getting the remake treatment, fans were understandably a little apprehensive.  The redo was approached the right way (if there is one), however, as Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Rob Talpert remained integral to the production as producers.  The first incredibly bloody footage from the Fede Alvarez-helmed remake was unveiled last weekend at New York Comic-Con to an overwhelmingly positive response (read Matt’s recap right here), so it looks as though the update might actually be getting some very rare fan-approval.

Raimi is also involved in another curious remake, an update of Poltergeist, but after some initial confusion over his duties on that film it was confirmed in April that he would only be producing.  Now an interesting report has surfaced online that suggests Raimi could actually be directing Poltergeist after all.  Hit the jump for the details. [Update: THR has amended their original story to say that Raimi will not be directing the remake, he’s still just producing.]

poltergeist-posterSpeaking with screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire (Rabbit-Hole) at the premiere of DreamWorks Animation’s Rise of the Guardians, THR’s Scott Feinberg noted that the Poltergeist remake “[will] be directed by Sam Raimi.”  The article doesn’t contain a direct quote from Lindsay-Abaire confirming this, but Feinberg elaborated on Twitter by saying “Lindsay-Abaire told me that Raimi was directing it,” adding “I’m very confident that that’s what he said.”

Essentially, some big horror remake news may or may not have been broken, but we don’t have an exact quote from a party directly involved with the project.  Raimi is currently deep in post-production on his ambitious Wizard of Oz prequel Oz the Great and Powerful for Disney, but I would absolutely love to see him step back into the horror genre with a new twist on Poltergeist.  The project was already promising enough with Pulitzer Prize-winner Lindsay-Abaire writing the script and Raimi producing, but Raimi actually getting behind the camera would be the cherry on top.

Hopefully we hear some firm confirmation one way or the other soon, but for now this is a very exciting possibility.

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